March 12, 2024
Evoloh Announces Performance Achievement of Advanced Electrolyzers, Offers High-Efficiency Product Line

EVOLOH, Inc., a cleantech company, announced today record performance of its revolutionary NautilusTM series of advanced liquid alkaline electrolyzers, and enlarged its product offering with high-efficiency electrolyzers.

Testing of electrolyzers at EVOLOH’s research and development facilities has achieved extremely stable and high-efficiency performance, allowing the company to proceed to demonstration projects with several partners over the course of 2024.

Dr. Jimmy Rojas, Founder and CEO of EVOLOH, Inc., said, “Our stacks have achieved lifetimes of over nine months of continuous operation without measurable performance decay. This is a remarkable accomplishment for an early-stage company developing cutting-edge alkaline technology. This achievement has been replicated in multiple electrolyzers operating under the same conditions with the same performance stability. We expect this performance to be sustained over many years of electrolyzer operation.”

Dr. Art Shirley, Chief Commercial Officer of EVOLOH, Inc., said, “Our NautilusTM series stacks’ performance stability is a key factor in lowering hydrogen production costs. Another big impact is the stack electrical efficiency; so much so that we are introducing a new product offering high-efficiency electrolysis, with electrolyzers capable of nearly 90% conversion of input electricity to hydrogen. Our high throughput electrolyzers maximize hydrogen generating capacity while still delivering more than 82% conversion efficiency, and all our electrolyzers are made using the lowest cost, mass manufacturing process on the market.”

EVOLOH invites interested customers and engineering partners to enquire about electrolyzer availability for deliveries from 2025 and beyond.


EVOLOH Inc., a private green hydrogen technology company, is at the forefront of the development and commercialization of low-cost and mass-produced water electrolyzers. The company’s patented electrolyzers incorporate a design for high-speed, low-cost manufacturing and secure supply chains, making green hydrogen production possible at gigawatt scale anywhere in the world.

NautilusTM is EVOLOH’s pure water electrolyzer stack, designed from the ground up with the system integrator in mind and using only earth-abundant materials. NautilusTM offers packaged stack modules of 10 and 20 tonnes per day with the smallest footprint in the industry.